I posted this in another thread about linebackers, but figured I'd give it it's on thread.

A guy to keep an eye on a little later in the draft is Nico Johnson. 5* out of high school and had a solid but quiet career at Alabama (freshman All SEC). His biggest problems were the amount of talent surrounding him. I'm not convinced a guy like Minter would be that much better (if at all) than Johnson and you could get him later. At Alabama he was more of a run stopping linebacker, while Mosley was more of a passing down LB but he still moves REALLY well for his size and rarely gets knocked back. Another guy I'd be REALLY happy to land. He's listed at 6'3 245 but it seems Alabama's guys always measure a little shorter at the combine/pro day. What I like is that he seems to be under the radar right now, perhaps because he wasn't a consistent starter (depended on what type of offense Alabama faced, run heavy vs pass heavy).
junior highlights:

Gets to the outside really well, plays gaps well, shows an ability to shed blocks, reads plays really well and although there's not much footage here of him in coverage, he shows that he can handle it. Most importantly I see him taking on big SEC RBs and standing his ground.