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He wasnt just pulled for Mosley. He was also behind Depriest . What he did in HS means nothing. Almost every good college player played both Offense and defense really well in HS. Nico was the back up strongside inside LB and the Run Package Weakside inside LB
Your correct, essentially what he did in High School has no bearing on what he can do at the Pro level. I guess my point was he was an every snap player in high school and was dominant running the ball and working sideline to sideline on defense as well as pass coverage. He played HS ball an hour from where I live so I saw him several times when our local school played them. IMHO from what I have seen in person both at Andulusia High School and the University of Alabama be a run only LB is not an accurate assessment. Alabama is loaded with interchangeable talent. Concerns about his coverage ability exist only because he was not asked to do it. He has good speed, agility, smarts and toughness. To say he is going to be a 2 down LB is just tunnel vision. He was quoted this week at the Senior Bowl " I want to showcase everything I know I'm good at and showcase the things people have said I am not good at. People don't think I'm good at pass coverage. I have never really had a true chance to showcase that I can play on passing downs." I guess we will have a better gauge to decide what he can bring to the table after the Senior Bowl but right now it's a bit premature to label him a run only 2 down backer.