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Thread: Will the Giants Shy away from Teo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    Regardless if hes the victim or not, he's a wierdo...Hes either a huge liar or lacking mentally,either way i Believe this story will haunt him for a long time.....Theres no good outcome for him
    agreed that it is a little strange but it gets blown up on ESPN just like they hyped him up as this great linebacker all year, truth is teams have taken chances on a lot worse imo.

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    I would be surprised if he goes in the first round. Some people have him projected to the Bills at pick number eight. It just seems that teams haven't placed as big of a priority on the linebacker position recently. I remember guys like Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, every USC linebacker to come out recently, being discussed on here during years past as potential Giants linebackers. Most of those guys went in the second to third round.

    It's not that I don't see Manti being a good pro, I can't predict the future. But from looking at recent drafts, I wouldn't be shocked to see one of the most talked about linebacking prospects to go in the second round.

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