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Thread: NY Giants Keep Or Dump: Keith Rivers

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    I honestly don't know if its Keith Rivers, or his LB coach, or Jim Herrmann, or his defensive coordinator.

    I'm more inclined to think Herrmann might be the issue, or maybe it's the schemes the Fewell is running.

    Whatever it is, something's not working.....defenders seem to get lost in space, and unable to shoot gaps or shake off blocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
    Rivers when he played played well but he also lived up to his history of staying injured!

    i think hes in the same boat as Barden.

    if the Giants want he he can prolly be had for a decent price!
    Are you kidding me? Rivers played well enough when he actually did see the field, he was just injured most of the season. Barden is just flat-out terrible and only had one good game because Carolina gameplanned entirely for Cruz...

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