Excerpt: "Today we're going to profile a 2013 NFL Draft prospect who can be absolutely dominating when he wants to be -- Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei (pronounced Lo-too-leh-lay).


Lotulelei has been a very productive player for the last two seasons. He has great size (6-foot-4, 320 pounds). He has great functional strength and can play essentially anywhere along the line 4-3 defensive tackle, 3-4 defensive end, 3-4 nose tackle, and even 3-4 defensive end in some schemes (especially Seattle's scheme). He's very quick, even though he is not extremely fast. Should be a terrific run stopper in a 4-3 system, or an immovable object in a 3-4.


He's not a dominating pass rusher in the mold of Ndamukong Suh, but he most likely won't be asked to be a penetrating pass rusher in the NFL. He has been inconsistent throughout college has he has learned to use his technique to beat blockers as opposed to just his strength. He'll be 24 years old as a rookie. Still needs to improve in the nuisances of the game (you can read that as what's usually called instincts) and some scouts question his motor.

Player comparison: -- Haloti Ngata. I don't think he's as athletic as Ngata is, personally." Read more...