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Ogletree is probably one of those prospects who needs to go to the right team and the right conditioning/weightlifting program to become a star MLB. Blackburn could probably teach him some good things before he would take over the reigns in year 2. Actually sort of comes off as the "David Wilson" of this year's LB prospects. Has the most upside from an athletic perspective, extremely young, and needs additional coaching to become more instinctual at the position.

I'd still prefer another pass rusher in the 1st and if we do pickup a LB, I want someone like a Barkevious Mingo or Jamie Collins who could play the Sam and always present a threat as a pass rusher from the outside too.
thanks enigma. thats basically what i said, that he physically didnt look the part of a nfl mlb, too lean and lanky imo. some poster like accosted me bc of that statement tho so I wasnt sure. but yeah thats why id be upset if we took him rd 1. we need some guys to make immediate impacts and ogeltree desnt strike me as that as a mlb.