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    GIANTS 86&90 or GIANTS 07&12

    What teams do you think are better?

    QB Eli over Phil
    LB 86/90 over 07/12
    offence 07/12 over 86/90

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    how dare you even try to compare those lb cores... two letters that make all the difference my man... LT

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    QB: Eli
    OL: 1990
    FB: 86 & 90
    RB: toss up
    TE: 86 & 90
    WR: 2011

    DL: 2007 but tough to compare 4/3 vs. 3/4
    LB: 86 & 90. No discussion here
    DB: 1990

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    How is this even a question? The '86 & '90 teams were dominant. The '07 & '12 weren't even close, they were good and got hot just in time.

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    ^^^^^ truth.... 14-2 going on to win the superbowl is far more dominant than sneaking into the playoffs as wildcard

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    Different eras.

    The days of teams dominating September to February, as we did 86, the Bears the year before, are long gone.

    Nowadays, teams have to manage their season with a view to getting hot December/January.

    Having said that, for me, overall 86 was the best ever.

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    It's 07 and 11, not 12 lol.

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    wish we had a hybrid Defense of '86 Linebackers and '07 D-Line and 2ndary with Eli, Bavaro, OJ Anderson, Bradshaw and Jacobs backfield with Cruz, Nicks, and Toomer at the Wideouts.

    Howard Cross could go out their for Max-Pro or give Mark a break.

    Oline could be Oates, Snee, Diehl in his prime, with Boothe and K-Mac in his Prime

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    86 and 90 all the way. those weren't players who lost their hunger. real ballers
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    86&90 -- and it's not even close. Talent AND hunger -- those teams never would have been waiting to pull a "switch" to get going. They hated losing.

    Phil over Eli, and that's not a knock against Eli. Phil didn't have half of the O weapons that Eli has.

    86 = dominant team that finished business.
    90 = strong veteran team that beat a QB legend who was going for the 3-peat, and then beat a high-powered O in the SB --- all with their back-up QB.

    '07&'11 = great STORIES
    '86&'90 = great TEAMS.
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