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I hope they never win another game! I'm still bitter about the beating we got from them in 2001. It crushed my childhood dreams until 2007. That and I can't see how anybody admires Ray Lewis. Good football player, but in my mind a lucky criminal and huge phony.

Don't wanna see Jim Harbaugh win, or see the Ravens win. Guess I'm rooting for te Pats now. Yuck.

I'm rooting for the Ravens.

OVerall I find them less objectionable that the 49ers.

The Ravens have been good for years and things have finally fallen into place for them. I don't buy into the whole media rewrite of Lewis' history but whatever...the media always gives great athletes a free pass, certainly LT got more than his share.

The Niners are another story. 2 years away from complete irrelevance that lasted over a decade and they act like they've built themselves up from nothing with all odds against them as opposed to the reality of they should have been good years ago had they not effed it up so badly. Further, their fans are laughably unknowledgeable......many, many cases of small man overcompensating going on with that team starting with the coach and continuing through most of their fans.