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There are always cover ups in certain crimes or people not wanting to be a rat and so on and so on. You and I will never know the truth behind most of these crimes because we weren't there, we're not lawyers or cops and we didn't investigate the crime scene or the people affiliated with it. Who the hell is talking about OJ or Anthony? Stay on the subject please because all I see from you message board judges is a reason not to like someone when your evidence is just as clear as mine because neither of us was there.
You could use the "we don't know because we weren't there" argument for anything. The reason I used OJ and Casey Anthony as a comparison is because it was clear they were involved, just like it was clear that Ray was involved, it's pretty obvious. The argument that they weren't convinced so they aren't guilty is ridiculous because our legal system is not perfect. I'm not going to go in to the particulars of Ray's case, the info is out there and he was involved. The media attention this guy gets is sickening, there are other great players on the Ravens that aren't complete pieces of garbage who should be showcased instead.