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Thread: the Raven's were on a three game losing streak until the meet us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pksoze View Post
    I think the 49ers will beat the Ravens easily.
    I dunno ... Ravens are starting to look like the team of destiny this year and the 49ers have had to come back from half time deficits to win in the play offs. I don't see the Ravens D giving up a three score lead in the second half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    ATL is still a fraud to me, they blew a 20 point lead last week and a 17 point lead today, both at home. Matt Ryan is lucky his 2 turnovers (which were both his fault) lead to 0 points for SF...they could've lost by a lot more.

    I hope the Ravens win, screw the 49ers.
    Yep. Them and the Texans were the frauds they were long suspected of being.

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    We turned the Ravens season around and pounded the 49ers.
    Feeling real good about that...........

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    Last thing we need is "Six Francisco."

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    I can’t stand either team but I think Baltimore Ravens are going to steamroll San Francisco 49ers. I don’t even think the game will be close.

    The 2012 Baltimore Ravens are basically a carbon copy of 2011 NY Giants. They turned thier season around by thrashing a NY team (us) and haven’t glanced back once. They are on fire right now and they are a team that has strong belief in themselves. Joe Flaaco is playing out of his mind right now and the scary thing about him is that he has one of The Best arms in NFL, a straight up cannon.

    I don’t see San Francisco 49ers being able to stop Baltimore Ravens.

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    The Bengals were on a bigger losing streak before they played the Giants. Doesn't mean a thing. The Ravens definitely believe in themselves, otherwise they might have not gotten past the Broncos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    Last thing we need is "Six Francisco."
    Or San Fran-Six-sco

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenca190 View Post
    so the ravens beat the defending super bowl champions to learn that they can roll with the big dogs, helping spark a playoff and super bowl run. sound familiar?
    Did the Giants act like they were the defending SB Champs this year? The Ravens beat a team that had quit since the day they got their SB rings. Nothing new here.

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    Just realized.
    SF Giants - World Series Champs
    SF 49ers - SB Champs???????

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