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Who do you have in mind ?
alec ogeltree, love the kid. some will complain that he cant shed blocks but that is not accurate. does he need help in that department? yes..is it just a matter of getting stronger and adding weight? I would think so. You can find weakness in every prospect in the draft, that's why they are prospects. he plays MLB for Georgia in the SEC against top players and teams. he is a converted safety a la brian urlacher and the boy can run. he also excels in coverage and against the run. He currently stands 6'3 232 with a long athletic frame with plenty of room to grow, and possesses all the tools to be a 3 down LB. the problem is I believe he is gone by 19, and if so then nobody else interests me in the first. possibly arthur brown or kasheem greene in the 2nd if they are still there.