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Yeah, I guess so.............

He passed the "Eli test" in beating top QBs in the playoffs, being clutch, and dominance on the road. He even has players attesting to his "elite-ness."

It'd be one helluva double standard if we don't view Flacco as the best in the league at the same volume that we viewed Eli as the best last year.
Your apparent hate for Eli is astounding.
Your "double standard" doesn't, in reality, make a shred of sense either.

When Flacco holds two super bowl rings and 2 SB MVP's and people are still questioning his "eliteness" than your poor analogy will work. But in reality, Eli came in the conversation AFTER he won 2 super bowls and still had his talents questioned.

Again, if you're going to try to use analogies, at least make sure that they are not absolutely ridiculous.