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It's simple. If you thought that Eli was elite after his 2007 SB win, you better think that Flacco is also elite. Anything else is a double standard.
I don't think you are following me:

If the birds win, you, Gumby74 (and Buddy33), will be exposed to a great many talking heads who will say that Flacco ain't no Eli.

You will hear, "yes, but Manning..." over and over again.

And if Flacco doesn't get MVP, then you will hear how Manning has two.

If he does get MVP, you will also hear how Manning has two.

You see this coming, right? This is exactly what talking heads do; there is no stopping it. Best case for you is that a few do compare Eli and Flacco favorably and you can hold onto that, and ignore the massive number of talking heads who will say that Eli is in another class.