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I feel I have failed you. I clearly have not gotten my point across to you.

Let me try it in the least subtle way possible: If the birds win, you are literally be deluged with talking head after talking head basically saying that 97% of your posts about Eli are dead wrong, and that Eli has a status you absolutely deny, decry and defy.

That's the part I personally am finding entertaining; that and the fact that you know it's coming.

If the birds loose...wow, will you hear about "being clutch".

See...I am on the other side; not an "Eli is elite" guy, but smart enough to see that the dude is special.
Hold on. Do you even know what my stance on Eli is? What would I be wrong about? Don't get me mixed up with other people. My only judgement on Eli is this: Eli is inconsistent, inaccurate, and inefficient - relative to his peers.

And I've been saying this for years.

You may not believe it, but as long as the Giants win, I don't give 2 craps about Eli - if he's elite, top 5, top 10, or whatever. I have 0 emotional attachment to him. What draws me to Eli conversations is the same kind of thing that draws me to people defending Tebow or Sanchez.