Although the Patriots offense was ranked no 1, their defense was ranked no 4 and the Giants defense was lower than them. Eli did not play against scrubs, plus considering everything on the line for the Patriots, I'd say it was a ballsy game from Eli and I am not sure why people were expecting it to be a blowout. The Patriots were great both sides of the ball in 2007. The most that defense gave up was in the last week of the regular season when Eli went toe to toe with Tom Brady and scored 35 points against them. By the way, the last time we lost the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis was the MVP.

If I can summarize Ernie Accorsi's scouting report about Eli in one word, that word is CLUTCH. We traded for Eli so he'd bring us a Super Bowl, and he got us TWO with 2 different sets of receivers. The second set of receivers were homegrown, pretty much unknown until 2011. We went to two super bowls with mostly home grown talents and rookies and beat the best teams out there with 16-0 and 15-1 records. Although consistency may be nice, I want someone who can bring home the trophy given half a chance. Otherwise, Tony Romo I believe has better stats and one postseason win and Alex Smith barely throws interceptions if he throws at all.