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Well, all that meant to say was that he is CLUTCH and he can close out the game when needed to bring home the trophy, which he did twice both in the last two minutes and winning 2 Super Bowl MVPs along the way, one which you would like to discount. Hey, if trophies were easily won, then how come none were won since the 1990 and before 2007? It's not like we did not get a chance, you could not say the 2000 Giants were not better in the regular season than these last two who won. The 2000 Giants were 12-4 after all. Eli did not make boneheaded mistakes in his two postseason runs, he had amazing stats and that's what counted. We brought him here because the scouting report basically summarized in one word that he's clutch, which to me means postseason success and bringing home a trophy when given a chance, no more than a chance that 9-7 team who got out scored all season long deserved, and more certainly not against the best team ever that played the regular season.

For someone who hated to be misquoted or misinterpted, you seemed to have no problem doing the same thing.
I promise you that I didn't misquote you. I actually copied and pasted your post.
My only point is that our TEAM won those two (actually all 4) SB's. Not one player. I do understand that the QB is a very important component of course.
But those wins were really team victories, especially given the tremendous defensive performances in both those playoff runs.