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Comrade Morehead,

We are all aware of you belief that all quarterback are equal, and that you can simple sub out any quarterback at any time and the Proletariat will get the same glorious results. The individual does not matter; only the collective.

Fun fact from Morehead: Montana is just as good as Leif.

And by your massive distortions about Comrade Ben, Comrade Brady and First Secretary Montana I see you used to work for Pravda. Comrade Ben and Comrade Montana both started the drive knowing a FG would send it into overtime. True they scored, but General Eli remains the only one who had to score a TD and did it.
You simply and completely made up the Brady stuff out of whole cloth. Both time no where near fit the description of what General Eli did (or Comrade Ben and First Secretary Montana).
I honestly thought you were Gumby there for a second.

And way to twist what the Manning boys said. They didn't say it was easier to score a TD than a FG (something that every school child is taught on the collective).
They were talking about the mindset going in, not that it was easier to drive 88 yards than it is to drive 50ish. Knowing that you had to score made it easier on you mentally, because you didn't need to do the calculations, you just had to score.

Big, big difference.

It's not that it's silly to say "Eli did it", it's silly to argue that he didn't. I never said it was all Eli, I just said to give him credit for what he factually did and what is recognized world wide as having been done by Eli.

Comrade Morehead...it is you that is rejecting the glorious reality.


This post was pretty funny, but now i distort/fabricate things? C'mon Deli, you're better than this.