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Huh? Of course he is a very good QB. And I feel he can become an all time great with a couple more SB. Sort of like what most people were saying about Brady after his 3rd. If a guy like brady whos a product of his system can be considered an all time great then I would certainly put Eli on the same boat if he wins a SB or 2 more.
If Eli stays the QB he is...which is great with inconsistencies and gets to win 1 or 2 more SBs with the Giants he won't be a better QB then he is now he will be the same with more rings.....
Brady is a better QB then Eli without rings, Same goes for Marino, Peyton, and several others.
My point is Eli is what he is....He is not going to get better or worse and the ampount of rings doesnt matter in that regard