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its not psycho babble nor is it even complicated. id say its almost common knowledge.

you/rosie complain and discuss "eli cultists/homers" non stop while claiming its the NY Giants and how tragic it is for people to focus solely on him. All the while, almost EXCLUSIVELY creating and posting in topics about eli. i mean from then on, its simply knowing what displacement means. Granted, that may seem as challenging (knowing the definition of displacement) to you as going to the moon, but its actually quite simple stuff thats been noticed by several people actually (the irony of you complaining about "eli cultists" while having eli on your mind almost exclusively lmfao).

seeing as i dont have that psychosis issue, i am going to leave this thread and continue conversing in the multitude of other topics/threads. enjoy yourself, we know u will
Just a crazy thought....Did you ever consider the possibility that the Eli topic is interesting to talk about...without it addressing some deep psychotic need?