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Ok, now that Im out of work I can put more into this.

Theres more to it than just running zone. Zone is a whole bunch of different coverages.

Anyway, Perry, at least from what I could tell, has always been a tampa 2 guy. Giants ran a good amount of it, but it was not their base defense. Their base defense seemed to be cover 3. Why they ran more C3 than Tampa 2 is a couple reasons.

1. Lack of a pass rush
2. Lack of linebackers who can cover.
3. Lack of trusting their safeties (Rolle) deep.
4. Inability to stop the run with the front 7.

C3 allowed them quite a few things.
1. Took away the deep play for the most part
2. Adds an extra defender to the box for run support
3. Adds an extra underneath defender (in the middle of the field anyway, C2 technically has more defenders underneath, but the corners are on the outside not in the middle of the field)
4. Allowed them to play Rolle down in the box where he was less of a liability in coverage and he could help against the run

Why you didnt see much press.

You can not press in C3. Corners have to remain deeper than the WRs.

You dont have to play man to get press. Tampa 2 is notorious for having CBs that absolutely maul receivers at the line.

What the giants need to play more tampa 2.

1. Better pass rush. Tampa 2 the front four HAVE to generate pressure on their own.
2. Corners who can tackle and get off blocks. The corners are the contain players on a run in a C2. Prince improved on this quite a bit during the season, but both Webster and Prince are inconsistent there.
3. Safeties who are disciplined. Rolle is a problem here, he free lances quite a bit, and does not take good angles. Stevie did alright for the most part, but has a lot he can improve upon as well.
4. Linebackers who can anticipate routes, and tackle.
wow, missed this post. well said and explained. i tried summing all that up in a couple sentences...didnt work that great.

Spags ran more fire zone concepts, PF runs more Tampa 2 concepts.

edit-altho one small mistake, u certainly can play press in C3