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Well, the thing is, u can go stretches in drafts where there simply is a better player at a certain positon, and also u can sign LB's via FA'cy, and then when a LB falls to the value at a certain round of draft for you, u think u don't need LB anymore, and then the FA u picked up ends up not being the player u thought, and then the whole thing starts again, with LB just not being of good value for sometime when ur picking..etc

We've picked up guys like Mike Barrow, Antonio Pierce, Mike Boley, Carlos Emmons, Barrett Green in FA'cy over the yrs, and had moderate success filling in with other picks in mid to late rds like Brandon Short, Dhani Jones, Jaquain Williams, just 2 name a few, which all changes the landscape of what u do in the draft at the positon..

I would say now more then ever, its seemed like the LB core if as bare, and not as potentially solid a unit as its been in some time.. even when guys like Barrett Green were busting for us, u still gotta give him his chance to proove hes a bust, and stuff like that.. For all we know, the GIANTS can go grab a couple FA's at the LB positon, and then we have a sick LB fall to us in a certain round, but we think we fixed the problem, and pass on em to fix other positons, and then u just wait and see, and it seems were ignoring hte positon in draft, but in reality, the thought process is we fixed it via FA'cy..

other than Brandon Short all the players you named were drafted by other teams and there is the problem, why can't we draft our own. other teams have very good LBers so there must be good ones there when we pick and us not getting any is the problem...