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Well, his play on the field has been pretty good. But when coaches talk ill of a player like that, especially when they are still coaching at that school that has a vested interest in churning out more high picks(for recruiting purposes) then it is an absolute red flag.

Its no trade secret of mine, but 1 of the things I pay the most attention to is what the coaches and teamates have to say, and often what they leave out about former players.

It has paid dividends doing this over the years.

I remember being flamed on these boards for reporting a comment I read about Jimmy Clausen being disliked by his college teammates.

I also remember a few comments by the strength and conditioning coach at Memphis last year about Dontari Poe that I brought to this board. This was way before most people had any idea who this kid even was.

When it comes to character of a kid, which obviously the Giants do care about, the comments and support of the people around the kid means a lot to me. People don't support kids they dislike so if a school or a team has negative things to say about a kid, that is not just a red flag, but a HUGE red flag. Those coaches at Oklahoma actually have a vested interest in Jefferson going sooner rather than later in the draft. It is a huge recruiting tool to say "we had x" number of guys taken in the draft this year and "y" number taken in the 1st 3 rounds. Come to our school and that could be you!. That is just 1 example.

So, for a coach to say something to actually hurt a kid's stock is rare and has to be taken seriously. So if I like a kid or liked a kid it is only based on what I know, and there is no way I can know the practice/ workout habbits of a kid. Im not in their practice.
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