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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    I've watched a lot of video of Ansah. His speed to close is very impressive. But I have never seen him dip around the edge. He just doesn't do it. He does not explode off the ball either.

    Combine those two, and you have a guy who is probably better off as a 5 tech. He's not a natural edge guy.
    I do understand your point but I truly believe he still learning the game, to say not a natural edge rusher is accepting he is a finished product and here is where I think he could mature into a complete DE, a freakish one for that matter. Still I'm very impress in his closing speed, in how fast he reads and reacts in the running game and how ridiculous the opps. looks when he runs down RBs and TE in the backfield or in the screen game. The only occasions I saw him out of sync it was against teams running the pistol Offense or the option. Other than that solid all around.
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