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He said he was thinking about it in the off season prior to 2011, and also in 2011 before the Super Bowl. Clearly that just tells me he cannot perform at a efficient level throughout an entire season. I love Tuck to death, but he just cannot do it anymore. The past two seasons he has shown that he is not capable of being the player he once was. That is FINE. I understand that, people slow down, but give others a chance to perform. We have Ojomo and Tracey waiting for their opportunity on the bench, and here is Tuck promising to get better. How can you get better if you were thinking about retirement not long ago? If you are thinking about retirement you know you cannot perform. It's not rocket science. Sorry, but I'm just not buying it anymore. Also, what ever happened to talk is cheap player the game?
Last year there was a neck injury and some lost loved ones that may have had him considering leaving the game. This year he was bad as where many on this team. As far as talk goes, it's the offseason for him. Nothing really bad about saying you want to play better next year is there?