I've been hearing a lot of negative stuff about Jarvis Jones lately. Word is that he may already be sliding down the draft board.

Without getting too wordy in this thread the two reasons he will fall are:

Injury - Spinal Stenosis which occurred while he was at USC during a routine tackle. I'm not sure what spinal stenosis is but it was severe enough for USC doctors to recommend he retire from football. He transferred to Georgia and the rest is history.

Character - Scouts claim he isn't a workout warrior. Actually, they say he is pretty far from it. This one has me wondering though; how do scouts know his work ethic and could this be nit picking? There is no denying what you get when you put him on the field though. And there was similar sentiment about Lawrence Taylor throughout his career (work ethic is the only comparison I'm making here).

Either way it's still hard to tell if he will fall far enough for the Giants to even think about getting him. He would definitely be a weapon on our defense filling a need at the LB level paired with his ability to pass rush on 3rd downs. I believe I heard either Mayock or Kiper say that 4 QB's will be taken in the first round this year despite most scouting websites hinting much less than that. If there are 4 in the top of the 1st, guys like this become more of a possibility at 19th overall.

Please discuss.