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Thread: Mock 2013 2.6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    Okafor looks more Tuck than Osi, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainierjef View Post
    I truly don't get the Okafor love. the kid is essentially a younger Osi. How long will it be till we start calling for his head as a non factor against the run? Great player don't take this out of context. has upside but at 19. meh...

    Okafor is so much stronger against the run than Osi ever was. Conversely he's not nearly as gifted a pass rusher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    Okafor looks more like a HEALTHY YOUNG Tuck than Osi, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    As much as people moan and complain about modern Osi and Tuck, who would honestly be against having someone like Osi who has had a nice career with us in the big picture? I'll take that all day long.
    Because people don't understand that speed rushers sometimes due to how they attack the line will sometimes give up the run, to the inside lane. Okafor is a speed rusher, I don't know if he has the speed/power/balance combo to stop motion, push off the aggressor and get to the running back. Maybe its just me tired of hearing the get rid of Osi threads; Like I said he is a great player but the run is a problem for him and if he is going to be a modern Osi, I feel that we can get an All-round better prospect at 19 than a situational pass rusher which Giants fans seem to hate [Osi].

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