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    Cant cut him casue then we are left with Austin starting and no depth. If we had some salary cap space then maybe we could cut him and sign another veteran for a cheaper price but given the situation we cant sign anyone. Plus, I think he played really well this year once he came back.

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    Too big of a cap hit. Keep him. He was injured last season. He played great in 2011. Just let him play out his contract.

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    Too bad we can't play the Cowboys 16 times a year, Canty would be an all-pro. But saying that like a few have mentioned we have no depth at the position and his cap hit will be too much releasing him.

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    Our d-line was man-handled all season long from one end to the other, It's hard to argue a case for keeping anyone at this point. Even JPP looked pedestrian this season.
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    keep him and tell him to get his big *** in gear and start ****ing leveling people......
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJ View Post
    So we should keep a mediocre defensive tackle, whos always hurt. And over pay him just because he has foundation???
    He has been healthy for most of his career. Aside from missing 7 games last yr, he missed 8 in 09. Not bad for 8 years in.
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