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I'm curious. Do you see Wes Welker as a special, special receiver as well? His productivity is through the roof as well. Yet, the Patriots still hesitate to re-sign him to a more lucrative contract.

There's a big difference between Cruz and most of the WRs listed. The (most) ones listed are big, strong, physical WRs that can make the tough catch in traffic. They are far less reliant on "getting separation" than Cruz is. Honestly, I don't think Cruz is that kind of WR that warrants top dollar. His skillset is more easily replaced than most of the WRs listed.

Don't get me wrong. I love him to death. But for top dollar (assuming he asks that much), I'd take many other WRs in the league over him. Numbers don't lie. He definitely no one year wonder. But he lacks the physicality that warrants the big contract.
theres a big difference with cruz and welker tho. Cruz is a legitimate downfield threat who can make contested jump ball catches...maybe welker can do those things too but for whatever reason is never used that way.
Welker is pretty much purely a slot wr. cruz proved hes dangerous on the perimeter as well as slot...