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Again, I made the penny reference in order for you to be able to read between the lines a little better. I value the slot guy more because i feel its easier to find outside guys. Ill give you one more example. If i had to choose only 1 good receiver. An outside guy or a slot guy. Of course i would rather the outside guy because he is worth more to a team. However, since we can have more than 1 receiver i value the slot guy more because i believe we can find another good outside receiver before we would be able to find another great slot guy. If you understand the point i am trying to make, you would understand my logic. I am not saying that I am correct. I'm just letting you know how i look at things.
So are you suggesting that dominant split-ends can't play the slot effectively?

Would they lose all feel for effective route running as they go against nickel corners? Would they forget how to catch altogether?