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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    The giants have drafted many players they've showed intrest in over the past servearl yrs.. They certainly don't waste there time meeting guys they have no interest in.. Thats just stupid.. Of course they have some sort of intrest if they met and took time outta there day to get to know em.. They met with em becuase they got issues with the age and effectiveness of the oline.. Brian Winters makes a ton of sense for the giants to be interviewing...

    Again, other people obviously enjoy the thread, so why come be a dink? Just can't help yourself?
    So who have the giants met with at the senior bowl before that they drafted?
    99% of team interviews happen privately or at the combine.

    So one out of the 100s of interviews they conduct is reported and now all of a sudden this guy is a guy the giants are really high on? Lets not be ridiculous.
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