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Thread: Do you think NE is cursed....

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    Do you think NE is cursed....

    Because of spygate? It seems like they are not destined to win another SB.......until maybe after Brady/Belichick move on? I know its not directly Giants related for a topic.......but we did play them for our last 2 titles.

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    They aren't cursed lol, they just face better teams in the playoffs.
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    I know they are.

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    No such thing as curses... There are things called lack of defense and poor execution, however.

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    Cursed by who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJ Blue View Post
    Cursed by who?
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    Anyone who says Eli was carried by his defense should also admit Brady was carried to his as well. If not they're hypocrites.

    Brady is becoming a shell of his former self in the playoffs. Facing stiffer competition and not Bills and Jets will do that to you. I don't see him winning a SB again unless, BB revamps their defense into a top 3 again.

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    Was the NE defense better when they won the 3 SBs, versus now? We know the offense now is better than what they had then....

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJ Blue View Post
    Cursed by who?
    Curse of the Bambino

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    Brady is not cursed, just overrated. Is he a good QB? Sure. But I'm SICK AND TIRED of hearing of the Montana comparisons...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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