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My opinion.... Dude has 1 SACK. I know he's a linebacker but all you could muster up is one sack?? His tackles are not all that great either. Last but not least that whole front7 is good at ND. I wonder if he is just that good cause of the others. When he went against elite talent he struggled in the run game. He's great in pass defense but that is not what WE need when RG3 is in our division. We need a sound tackler and a linebacker that is good at getting pressure on the qb, which he is not. ....
not sure which games your watching, but Te’o is the complete package at inside linebacker,,he's not asked to pressure the Qb in notre dames defense,,he is an all around backer..a side line to side line backer who can tackle and cover,,this guy might be only the second defensive player to ever win the Heisman,,there are only 2 players on the nation's top 5 defenses that made the top 100 in tackles this season,,and teo is one of them,,,the guys with lots of tackles per game predominately played on terrible defenses,,,,I would gladly take him with open arms.

as per draftreport http://draftreport.wordpress.com/

As a run stopper, Te’o has excellent instincts, shows great burst in getting to the ball carrier, and delivers a punishing blow when he makes contact. His athleticism is evident against the cut block, where he shows a consistent ability to extend his arms and push his lower body out and away from the block, leaving him free to pursue. He sheds blocks consistently and fills the gap quickly, rarely getting run over by a runner at the point of attack.
In pass coverage, he shows the hip fluidity you want to see in a potential top-10 pick, and he seems just as comfortable lined up against a back or TE as he is in zone coverage. The same burst and instincts that make him such an effective run-stopper are also present in coverage, allowing him to break on the ball and make big plays in pass defense.
As a pass rusher, Te’o doesn’t possess the quiver of moves that you would see out of a pure sack-master, but especially for an inside backer, he’s got a more-than-adequate skill set when it comes to getting after the passer. Inside backers are often brought in on delayed blitzes, and Te’o shines in this scenario. His explosiveness makes him a tough task for any offensive lineman trying to adjust to pick him up on the blitz.