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Different types of players. Assuming the medical on Jones clears (which I doubt) I think Jones is a more valuable player than Teo. Pass rusher > non pass rusher.

And that's coming from a ND fan who loves Teo
But would you draft Jones to convert him to a DE, barring his injury history. Take into effect the rotation we play at DE and who we already have waiting in the wing, plus how long it would take for him to get it right and put it altogether vs. Te'o who would start immediately in our defense and possibly signifigantly up grade the position?

*How did you feel last night, watching Manziel (don't know if i spelled that right) win the Heisman over Te'o? I am stationed in Hawaii and i was at this mai-tai bar with a bunch of locals and we were all pissed off at, a lot of cursing, some racial remarks, extra drinks were order some people even left lol. These Samoans are all about any player that's a native.