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This kind of statement makes me want to pull my hair out. Georgia has a MUCH better defense than ND. It's not even a fair comparison. Ogletree made some good plays but was kept clean a fair amount.

I'm not trying to be a Te'o apologist.

At this point I'd say both Ogletree and Te'o are going to be overdrafted. 2nd round talents.
Thats not really true. ND has some very talented players up front. The bigger difference is that they run a 3-4, where the guards have a free shot at the linebackers every play.

Georgia in their base defense runs a lot of 4-3, (technically more of a 50 front) where Ogletree has two DTs to soak up blockers.

But either way I agree with your conclusion. Ogletree and Teo are not top 20 type prospects.