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Te'o struggled too much against Alabama (the closest thing you will get to an NFL line) for my liking as our 1st round pick. Honestly, I'd rather have Ogletree, Greene, or Brown over him in terms of traditional, non-pass rushing LBs. He would be an excellent fit in a 3-4 scheme like the Steelers though.
Thats one game and ND struggled as a team...Every great player, including HOF'ers had their bad games. That doesn't suggest they are not NFL ready and some of them weren't. What kind of leader are you? do you love the game/competing? there are several insights that make up the player other than stats and he seems to have a passion for the game and that will not only make you better but make others around feed off that passion and they too become better because they start to want it more by "osmosis"...Ray Lewis is a great example...not that I am saying T'eo is the next RL.

I would like Ogletree and maybe at 19 I could deal with that pick but I think we can get him 5 spots back or so in the first...maybe he falls into the second.