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    Quote Originally Posted by luni View Post
    This kid looks soft. and he would not be made to suit up in a giants uniform.

    the story is kinda ridiculous. yea it hurts his draft status, but just looking at the kid, he just looks soft. like that middle line backer that use to play in seattle. some hawain lookin dude. forgot his name. i want a mean, killer type line backer, not some wimp 22 year old fake gf.
    Really? what about his 212 solo tkl's in four years looks soft to you? or the 30+ Tkls for loss, combined 400+ tkl's, 17 passes deflected? whats soft about this kid? what makes you the resident expert on who should suit up in giants blue? you want a killer type line backer; great description should he have fangs too? this is stupid people who have not watched the kid play in all but one game of his 4 year career have the nerve to talk. just last year he was the talk of the draft on these same boards best ILB coming out now one BCS game and a fake girlfriend hoax and hes the next gholston type bust coming out? wow!

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    Everyone has their own struggles. Just because his are less relatable doesn't mean he deserves any less of a 'pass' or compassion. I hope that your struggles arent misunderstood, marginalized, and used to discredit you in your pursuits. The kids 22 years old. He deserves a break and the benefit of the doubt.

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    ND played a soft schedule and got exposed in the title game. He is overrated and over hyped. It will come out that this story was fabricated to get him and ND the trophy. He is not only overrated but a phony and a lier as well. No thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennState1 View Post
    ND played a soft schedule and got exposed in the title game. He is overrated and over hyped. It will come out that this story was fabricated to get him and ND the trophy. He is not only overrated but a phony and a lier as well. No thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Because that is all any scout has said since they have been asked. You find me a single NFL scout that says Teo is a top 10 pick. Go ahead.

    Kiper and ESPN are not scouts.
    Agents are definitely into Kiper. Smaller Agents ask me to do favors and im not on TV radio or anything.

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    What McShay said yesterday, and I am paraphrasing....

    He said Manti Te'o was a mid/late 1st round prospect on skill and tape alone. However, according to his sources and the scouts he talked with the intagibles and leadership elevated Te'o's stock above that. Now, because of this scandal and the fact that some teammates have come out and spoken against Te'o the intangibles/leadership may actually work against him and lower his stock instead of raising it. He said obviouisly more needs to be known about the scandal.

    My own personal belief is that he belongs in a 3-4 scheme anyways. So he isnt a great fit for us.

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    He will be there at 19 and we will not take him.

    I would be surprised, but not shocked, if he is there for us in the second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bashful View Post
    They would draft him and TC wouldn't play him - he is a rookie
    LOL....this is soo true. I personally don't won't us to draft him. Unless he completely blows up at the combine.......I don't see his draft stock showing him to be anymore than what it is now.

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    I don't want a nutcase like that on our team.....BUT, it's amazing how all a sudden guys are saying all this BS that they never liked him,he's goin to bust,etc....before the Alabama game,not one person had the balls to say any of this....when his name got mentioned, people were either all over his jock or you were getting made fun of because everyone thought there'd be absolutely no way we'd have a chance at him...Now outta nowhere there's all these experts that never liked him to begin with, yea F'n right!!! There's a lot of clowns out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    If he fell to the 3rd or further, I wouldn't mind the pick (assuming he isn't busted for scheming this hoax)

    I wouldn't touch him with my first two picks.

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