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1. Osi is not a LDE he is a RDE always has been its a different type of issue going from facing the LT to the RT. you are not always going to get the same production, JPP plays better on the RDE than the LDE so i don't know how this statement "Osi suppose to be good enough to be a menance cause JPP was on the other side and I bet he got doubled so why Osi had a hard time?" is even relevant.

2."Now he hardly win those and is no longer worth a lot of money wich he wants." "even enough for him to get a lot of money wich he wants," do you have a link to the statments Osi made where he states he wants a certain amount of money and before you go off and get me the affidavit stuff thats what reese told Osi not Osi asking for that. So please cause i have been looking, provide me the article where Osi himself said he wants this specific amount of money. thanks

3. "Well he needs a good scheme to help him to come free at the qb a lot of times like in the past." Sad thing Is same fans like you and others on here wanted Osi and Tuck gone in 2009 when we had sheridan then in 2010 when Osi had 10 FF's you all were lining up with puckered lips. Give him more time to get going instead of one play then come out he can produce, give him DT's that can push the line back essentially pushing the QB deeper into the pocket, Linebackers and DL stop the damn run so we make the offense one dimensional and watch Old Osi Tee off. Frankly its annoying listening to you people tear down players that give their bodies for our enjoyment, You people want to just blame one person, point fingers, Its no different from fire Coughlin, fire gilbride, fire fewell, fire mara.

Cool i'm done on the subject the only reason I want Osi to go now is so that I can stop reading/hearing all your whining about it, so that I don't feel compelled to defend a player, I am not getting paid for this screw it.
lol......you're a child. As I read your little temper tantrums I can't help but picture you in your footie PJ's, blankey one hand and sippy cup in the other, stomping your feet and demanding someone listen to you.

You got told to grow up because you started calling people "haters" before the debate even got started.