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Huh? If u awesome, ur gonna get paid, end of story.. THeres just as many stars coming outta rd 2 as there is RD 1, where u can easily grab a need positon or 2 in 2nd and 3rd rd, while taking BPA in RD 1, even if its not a positon u think is as critical.. I for one know that LB is killing this team, as they dont make plays, they don't cover especially well, they don't rush the passer, and they miss a ton of tackles.. I don't know what u need to see, to realize how important LB is? Especially when u don't have anything special across the board at LB... A couple decent guys , thats about it..
Awesome dl players get paid more than awesome Weakside linebackers. There's not just as many stars in rd 2as rd 1.