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Thread: Shaun Rogers

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    maybe its just me but i would be for bringing him back with a low risk contract. Dude was such a monster when he was younger and commands double teams every play. I would at least bring him into training camp

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    I think brining him back for a look is not a bad idea and personally think he may be better than Bernard and likely Austin and Kuhn in the backup role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueAllDay View Post
    I think Rogers would have been in the starting lineup in 2012 because he was playing with the first-teamers in preseason, but injury came knocking on the door...
    Canty was on the PUP in camp. He would have be a rotational guy... probably no more than 25-30 snaps a game.

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    Rogers is getting long on the tooth, and Austin and Kuhn don't look like they're going to pan out as top notch talent. We can't rely on Canty, he just seems to have too many injury problems playing on the inside. Canty, to me, has always looked more like the prototypical LDE. With his height and wingspan he could be knocking down a ton of passes if he was at the end spot. I wonder if they've ever thought of switching he and Tuck. Canty played DE in a 3-4 system before he came to the Giants. I think DT is up there on the areas of need; but if you wait until the fourth or fifth round to address it, you'll probably not improve the position that much. It will be interesting to a) see if Rogers returns and doesn't just retire, and b) what kind of form he comes back in if he does come back.

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