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Thread: If you had a choice at #19

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    Or it's possible that the coaching staff believes he can become the next Tolly for us. Even if we do assume that he is going to pan out and become a full time starter at some point, that still only leaves us with two DEs and we know this organization prefers to have 3 solid pass rushers. Why not take one in a draft that has great talent at the position and if teams above us reach for a QB, we have a chance at a great prospect.
    I'm down for a later round (and by later I mean as early as the 2nd round). But the 1st round we NEED an OT.

    Kuhn made a few plays out there but he was pushed around a lot even when he had 1-on-1 matchups and was a liability in the run game. Granted, he was a very raw rookie but don't forget that he will be 27 years old heading into next season and coming off the ACL injury. Not sure we should chalk him up to a sure thing just yet. Don't forget that Bernard is sliding off and Joseph is in his last year in 2013 too.
    I think we'll find a way to lock up Joseph. Bernard wasn't even supposed to be here in 2012 and was only signed because Canty was on PUP. I do remember saying this was the 2nd biggest area of need on defense, especially if Kuhn can't recover from that ACL.

    If Williams can stay healthy, we should be fine here at weakside and that's really the important OLB position. Strongside isn't that big of a deal but it would be a huge plus if we could get someone way more dynamic than what Kiwi offered us at the position. I don't get the Kiwi fascination with him moving to DE since it's been years that he was actually doing something good there but it's a quick patch up job in the minds of people I suppose.
    I think Rivers would be more dynamic on the strong side, but just like Williams it's a health issue with Rivers. Cincy was all too happy to deal him away because of this fact. However, when healthy he has a tremendous impact. Also, because of the injuries, we should be able to sign him for a lot cheaper.

    It'll depend on what Reese thinks of some of the later round prospects at the same position. Ogletree offers good upside and has great athletic traits for the job so Reese picking him isn't out of the realm of possibility but if he thinks he can find a later round gem, you know he isn't taking an early round LBer.
    As I said, I wouldn't scream if we took Ogletree or even Te'o in the 1st round. But I still believe OT is a "need now" kind of situation.

    Not really sure what people saw in Hosley to be confident in his abilities to be a full time starter on the outside but I'll admit the fact he could cover some WRs like Steve Smith outside the numbers if needed. Even if you disagree, there isn't much promise outside of Prince and Hosley at the position and we all know you need at least 3 solid guys to play CB. Lots of solid mid round guys and why not grab a guy to groom behind Webster as he plays his last year with us?
    A later round CB (just like DT, DE, MLB) would be an ideal solution. So in essence I agree with you.

    Unless Osi comes back to a team-friendly contract, I doubt he returns. Blackburn gets flak because of his lack of sideline to sideline speed in the run game and the fact he is way overhyped on these boards because of a few splash plays.
    I'm not saying he doesn't need to be replaced, but it does give us the option of, as you were saying, taking a late-round pick that has the athletic ability but less experience, and developing him instead of throwing him into the fire. I believe Blackburn would be a great mentor in this regard, as he was just about to settle down to be a teacher. It's just that Herzlich is just as non-athletic as Blackburn, which is why I say we need someone with the physical athleticism who can be developed.k

    Fact is you look at both sides of the football and it's just too obvious which side needs more help. We already drafted 3 potential Ts the last two years and it would be a little hasty to just give up on them. Beatty didn't really flash until his 3rd year after all. OL prospects require patience.
    I do look at both sides. I feel as though while the majority of our draft should be spend on defense, we still need to reserve either our first or second round pick on an OT. Our offense would be pretty solid if we had a better RT and C (though Baas isn't going anywhere). I also wouldn't be averse to picking up a G since Snee is bound to go the way of Diehl any day now.

    All the OT we've drafted since Beatty have been 4th round or later. Only one I still hold out any hope for at all is that Mosley guy (and thats only if he recovers from his injury to 100%). Brewer is so bad he can't crack a starting position featuring David freaking Diehl. Mccants I never really saw anything in, as he was getting abused by 3rd and 4th string DE.
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    So many RTs in this league have been found in the mid to later rounds and teams get to the playoffs all the time with just an average guy playing there. You have more confidence in a guy we haven't really even see yet on the field that came from a spread offense versus a guy who has been in the system already for two years and is a more natural RT for the Giants offensive system. McKenzie was the last great RT this franchise fielded and Brewer came out of Indiana as a more raw but also more athletic version of him. Don't forget that one of Coughlin's biggest weaknesses is trusting his veterans a little too much so I wouldn't look into Diehl's position on the depth chart too much. Now if we were in a position to where we didn't need to retool so many positions on the defense for the future, we could be more liberal and take a less "important" position with the 1st or 2nd.

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