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    Giants' Scouts Meet Army's Trent Steelman, Kent States' Brian WInters


    Excerpt: "Most team scouts will talk to and interview as many college players as they can leading up the NFL Draft, so hearing that they've met with certain players doesn't generally signal a specific interest. However, it was the lack of names connected with New York Giants scouts in recent weeks that was stood out. As Giants 101 reported previously, the team met with Army quarterback turned wide receiver Trent Steelman prior to the East-West Shrine Game, but Walter Football reports they also met with Kent State offensive lineman Brian Winters.

    Winters, whose Father also played in the NFL, is projected to be anywhere from a 2nd-to-4th round pick. Of the guards who have declared for the NFLDraft, he is widely ranked between the average of 4th-to-6th best.Even at 6'4'' and 310 lbs., Winters is incredibly athletic, and some scouts have called him the most athletic at his position in the draft. His stock is currently rising and he could potentially push himself into first-round consideration with a strong performance at the NFL Combine." Read more...

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    I cannot wait for the combine, or the draft for that matter.....from the end of the SB until the draft is the worst time of the year, everything is so dead around here

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    Ya, i started threads all ready for both WInters and Steelman... I love Brian Winters and he screams Jerry Reese pick becuase of his versatility and athletic ability, to go with solid measurables and on top of that, he was extremely productive player in college.. He seems ready to stick in a lineup in my opinion..

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