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    Marcus Lattimore

    If Lattimore is on the board during our 3rd round selection. I say we pick him up.

    Worst case scenario he turns out to be another AB.

    Best case scenario, he turns into the complimentary back with DW and AB, or trade-bait.

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    I'm probably going to get crucified for this post. I would go for this pick assuming we pick up Okafor in the 1st and Brown in the second.

    My Mock would be

    2nd- Arthur Brown
    3rd- Marcus Lattimore

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    I was waiting for this thread...in a good way

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    I wouldn't touch him before the 5th. He's had multiple severe knee injuries so it's too risky.

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    It is no secret that Jerry Reese loves his projects. This could potentially be his best project because of the medium-risk high reward potential.

    Heres a list of all the 3rd round picks under Reese.

    2007-Jay Alford
    2008-Mario Manningham
    2009-Ramses Barden
    2010-Chad Jones
    2011-Jerrel Jerrinigan
    2012-Jayron Hosley

    Sooo... based on this track record. If Lattimore was available in the 3rd round. It would coincide with our past draft picks

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    A few RBs have seen their stock rise recently so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if other teams explore other options way before Lattimore at RB. Someone probably takes a chance on him in the late 4th to early 5th round range.

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    Much higher than Medium risk that knee injury looked career finishing

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    Don't think its worth it to this team to take him in the 3rd. The reason you draft a rb in the first place is to get a guy with fresh legs because they typically don't last long. Lattimore is damaged goods at a the worst position possible to have accrued injuries at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Much higher than Medium risk that knee injury looked career finishing
    yup.. that was a scary looking injury

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    I don't know if its the dislocated knee that I'm worried about. While it is a serious injury, it is a freak injury but recovery in most dislocated knees go well and the knees usually return to normal. While Lattimore may have the "damaged-goods" moniker attached to him, Adrian Peterson also had multiple ACL injuries in college. I'm not comparing the two players but rather their injuries.

    I stand by my assertion that Lattimore would be a solid pick in the 3rd round. Bottom line, he will recover and he will play at one point. By taking him in the 3rd we could let him rest for a year and recover without having to pay him too much.
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