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    Always beware of guys who climb in mocks when no football is being played . . . .
    The only thing with that is In my personal rankings for instance I have watched more games of some guys than others so when I catch up over the off season my rankings will change. Its physically impossibe for me to watch all the games during the season. I watch most of the games in fact when the season is over. Same thing with the guys doing the mock drafts. Also postseason performances shed light on some guys that werent focused on as much during the season. People than go back and look at more of the games. Jacquian Williams for instance. I knew the name but it wasnt till after the Giants drafted him I went back and looked at him more closely and was upset I missed him. There are so many teams and so many games its easy for guys to slip through the cracks. I wont miss players from the SEC or Top 25 programs because they are on TV all the team I watch them consistently during the season. Its easy to miss guys from the smaller conferences or even the Big East if u only watch them 2 or 3 times during the season. Also the grades between guys in the draft 25-45 arent all that different a guy moving around from that range or even 3rd to 2nd round isnt that much of a move really.
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