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    Make the ProBowl a Flag game

    why not? nobody wants to get hurt, nobody wants to see a guy get hurt, it's really just about the honor of being there.....make it a fun thing......very light-hearted......I'm thinking like the 70's battle of the network stars lol....but seriously, it's not going to be (nor should it be) a competitive game who's outcome means anything, so just let them go there and have fun. flame away

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    The NFL did that years back and Patriots rookie runningback Robert Edwards blew out his knee. It almost cost him his leg, but he never played football again.

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    Personally I think the game should be scrapped for an awards ceremony of some sort. That way nobody gets injured, everybody still gets recognition they deserve, and selectees from super bowl contender teams can attend...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Give it a couple of more years and it will basically be flag football. The RB usage in the game is already insignificant.

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