1. S. Richardson, DT, Missouri.
Unlikely he'll be there at 19, especially after he blows up the combine, but crazier things have happened. Maybe teams are scared by only one season of high level productivity and his light frame. Maybe teams picking before the NYG reach on QB, CB and DE. This kid is gonna be a star. (Canty -- $6+ M salary, 1.7M cap hit cut, Rodgers not resigned, Bernard not resigned).

2. B. Jones, C/G/T, Alabama
Great kid with offensive line versatility. Teams will look at him as an interior lineman, and he falls due to devalued position. He starts at RG next year and possibly steps in to his more natural interior line position to replace Boothe/Snee eventually. (Boothe resigned, Beatty resigned, Locklear cut unless on the cheap, Diehl is a $3.5M hit but should be cut anyway).

3. T. Carradine, DE, Florida St.
Torn ACL will cause him to miss all of the pre-draft workouts and possibly the start of next year. This is a blessing in disguise, as a likely first rounder falls to the NYG in the 3rd. He learns under Tuck for a year, and then replaces him. (Osi not resigned)

4. DJ Swearinger, S, South Carolina
Hard-hitting SEC safety who offers scheme diversity and physicality. Natural safety who was asked to play CB at times at South Carolina. We'll live with 3 or 4 unnecessary roughness calls per year for the dozen of so times receivers short arm the ball in fear of DJ. (Phillips not resigned)

5. K. Red****, ILB, North Carolina
NYG upgrade the mike with a smart, hard working ILB. He won't make anyone forget Harry Carson, but should push Herz for the starting job. (Blackburn not resigned unless cheap)

6. D, Johnson, RB, Arkansas
Wilson should tote the load in 2013, and Johnson is a great value here as a 3rd down back. He can pass block, catch, hit the hole, and is deceptively fast (check out his short choppy steps). He can also return kicks to save some punishment for DW. (Bradshaw has $3.75M salary, but costs $2.5 to cut...love AB, but probably let him go)

7. Q. Sharp, K/P, Oklahoma St.
Kid has a leg. Led CFB in touchbacks. He also punted and kicked FGs for OSU. Bring him into camp and make it an open competition between him and Tynes. (Resign Tynes with no guaranteed and cut if Sharp beats him out)

Aside from whether guys will be available, the biggest criticism I have of my own mock is that there is no CB. I assume that Webby decides to seriously restructure his deal and we either live with that or JR finds a #2 CB in FA using the money saved from Webby, Canty, Diehl, maybe Bradshaw, maybe Tuck. What do y'all think?