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Thread: Funniest thing I heard at tonight's gig....

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    Funniest thing I heard at tonight's gig....

    This is going to get moved, but it was so funny I have to share it....

    A really close friend of mine, a Cowboys fan, told me someone asked him "How do you say Tony Romo's name in Spanish?"

    Mark Sanchez!!
    And now, in the interest of equal time, here is a message from the National Institute of Pancakes: It reads, and I quote, **** waffles.......G Carlin

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    That's a peach!!!!!!!!

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    I've heard that one before...

    Fantasy headline quotes:
    -Insanity, with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background, accumulated the highest point total this week and beat Hakeem Nicks 137.95 - 100.75, overcoming an 18.22-point spread.
    -Legend of Seawright Throat-Punches Mediocrity.
    -20-page Eli Argument Knocks Out Insanity, Delivers an Early-Season Message

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    This jokes been going around lately. I wonder where it first originated. Funny stuff.

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    Heard it. Still funny.

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