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Thread: Why do people think Cruz is easily replaceable?

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    how will you feel if we lose Cruz to another team in FA

    I hope this doesn't happen because he is an important part of the future but stranger things have happened and what will your feelings be if Reese is forced to lose him...

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    bewildered, betrayed...
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    I would cry myself to sleep..

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    We will have a very bad season next year if we lose Victor. This is a passing league, we have no other choice but to make sure we sign both him and Nicks. If not we are doomed

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    It's certainly possible, but I think it's a good sign that there haven't been any leaks about progress. Now that they have reportedly signed Pascoe, we should be seeing more activity. The more important the player is to the team, the longer negotiations take. If they don't sign him by March 12th I think it's 50/50 they will be able to keep him.
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    hes a restricted FA so either way we will not come out empty handed this year. If he does out price himself to THE ONLY TEAM that gave him a shot then the hell with him. He needs to keep the Steve Smith ordeal in the back of his head.

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