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Thread: Deal or No Deal

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    All-Pro Carter.525's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    In John Jerry's arms..
    Vollmer or Loadholt to play RT

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    No way. Beatty all day

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    I think we saw this year what having something decent at both tackle spots can do. We cannot go into 2013 with Diehl as our RT and Locklear won't be rehabbed in time, nor as effective to be our RT.

    We must find a way to resign Beatty and pick up someone good to be the RT. Long will be too expensive but there should be some options out there for us. I like the idea of getting rid of Diehl and even Bass to clear up some cap space to put towards a better O-Line. We'll need a LG as well.

    I'm going to cry if our RT is Diehl or Mccants come August.

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    All-Pro TCHOF's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Sign Beatty and draft Lane Johnson.

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    All-Pro JesseJames's Avatar
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    since we have no cap money AGAIN, it may be that we draft our next RT in round 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJames View Post
    since we have no cap money AGAIN, it may be that we draft our next RT in round 1
    hard to say...soo many needs....we got below average play at DE,DT,CB,LB,Oline in 2012...

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    No deal, Keep Beatty. Get a solid RT.

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