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Thread: Pat Traina with her thoughts after studying cap situation - she knows her stuff

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    Exclamation Pat Traina with her thoughts after studying cap situation - she knows her stuff


    Patricia just like Garafolo did covers this team extremely well.

    I guess I'll post everything.

    I do not think Ahmad Bradshaw is going to be cut. Might they restructure him? Possibly, though I don’t see it being a huge restructuring even if David Wilson moves ahead of him on the depth chart. There's simply no way to where they can drop AB's base salary below that of DW's, even if DW starts.
    I think Michael Boley could become a cap casualty. I could see Jacquian Williams taking over at WLB next year.

    I don’t think Corey Webster will be cut. While I would think his base salary would be in line for restructuring, this is the final year of his contract, and they might leave it as is just until they know for sure if Jayron Hosley is their future starter at that spot.

    I don’t know if David Diehl will be cut at least right away because right now, they don’t have any experienced depth at tackle on that roster. If James Brewer moves into the starting lineup, Diehl could be a reserve, though obviously not at such a high base salary. If, however, Diehl is cut before the start of the new league year, that is a sure sign that a veteran OL is high on their FA list.

    I have a strong suspicion that Will Beatty will be franchised, unless of course they reach a long-term deal with him. I could also see Victor Cruz getting the highest possible RFA tender if his contract isn’t resolved before the start of FA on March 12.
    I think Stevie Brown will get at least a second-round tender, though if the team gives him an original round tender, that is likely an indication about how they feel about Will Hill and his chances of starting sooner than later. I do not think Kenny Phillips returns .

    I have a strong hunch that Lawrence Tynes might not be back. Tynes is coming off a banner year, despite his little hiccups later in the season, and he’s certainly going to be an attractive free agent when he hits the market. Remember, this could be his final NFL contract, so I'm sure he'll want to make it really count.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if they re-sign Keith Rivers and maybe look at him as their middle linebacker next year. Yes, Rivers has been injury-prone, but when he’s been on the field, he’s often looked very, very good and they might give him another shot.
    If we're talking candidates for contract restructurings, I wonder if perhaps Chris Canty + Chris Snee might be asked to re-structure to lower their base salaries. I know Eli + Antrel Rolle are two guys most would like to see restructured, but Eli restructured last year while Rolle has played very well. While Canty and Snee both dealt with injury issues this year, and Snee is coming off a Pro Bowl season, I think those will be two contracts to keep an eye on.

    If I have to guess right now on the highest area of needs, I’d say in no particular order: cornerback, offensive tackle, and defensive tackle are right up there. I know some of you think linebacker should be in there as well, and that area will probably get some new depth, but I think the three positions I listed earlier in this post are probably of a higher priority given the current depth situation.
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    I hope to God she's wrong about Diehl....... if he comes back for anything more than the vet min that's ridiculous. We have SO MANY other pressing needs & FA's that money needs to go towards.

    Also Bradshaw..... If they pay him that much money that's also absurd.

    I really hope Tynes is back.... guy is so reliable just not from 50+
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    Wow nice find there. Beatty does make sense for franchise tag, since they went the route with Weatherford last year. Cruz will be resigned.

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    Beatty better be on the team next season. He's our only OL worth a damn... If I were forced to pick at gunpoint between taking Cruz and Beatty, i'd take Beatty. Of course I want them both back, but Beatty is the higher priority IMO than Cruz.

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    I can't imagine the Giants paying Corey $8 million after last season when his cap hit would be under a million. He has to structure or he's gone IMO.

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    I'd almost say cut Webster outright, eat the 3.whatever mill guaranteed on our cap, and then offer him a 1 year vet min contract. Overall it would cost us 4 out of the 7 mill coming his way if he stays as he is, and it's not like another team is gonna pick up Corey Toaster...

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    Great find.. Traina knows her stuff!!
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    I agree Beatty could be franchised but the tag this year for tackles is close to 15 million. I doubt the Giants would even consider paying that for him.

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    I think letting Phillips walk would be a huge mistake. The defense plays completely differently with him on the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WR4Life View Post
    I think letting Phillips walk would be a huge mistake. The defense plays completely differently with him on the field.
    Right, but how often is that? We can't keep throwing money at guys like KP and TT who can not stay healthy. I don't think its a good idea to give KP a huge contract.

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