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No way we take DJ Fluker at 19overall.. He could end up being a Guard , as hes kinda the plodding type, and at best, hes a run blocking RT.. I don't know how many mocks have em going in rd 1? Most i 've seen, have em going mid 2nd to late 2nd... Only oline i could stomach in RD1 is Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, and Chance Warmack.. Warmack only because hes so good, and such a safe bet , as Fluker isn't even a safe bet... He has some bust concerns as well.. Will his weight be able to stay under control? Will he be able to move well enough to stay at RT? Will he be able to pass block good enough against talented NFL caliber ends? I don't trust em, to be honest.. He seemed to be the one that got blown by the most outta the bama olineman this past yr.. I just don't like nor trust DJ Fluker..
Those 3 are the only 1's I like as well. we dont know how much the Giants like James Brewer. They may be planning on going with him at RT next season .